Summer Brew Fest Preview

Abe & Jake's Landing will host the Lawrence Summer Brew Fest on Friday.

The Lawrence Board of Realtors is hosting its first Summer Brew Fest Friday, June 14, at Abe and Jake’s Landing.

The scene can only be described as a beer lover’s utopia: two dozen breweries set up camp at the venue, with a multitude of craft vendors selling additional goods.

Jenna Logan is a lender with Mid-America Bank, and registers under the Lawrence Board of Realtors as an affiliate.

“Ticket prices go toward 24 breweries, and you basically get a glass and have the ability to taste all kinds of different beers," Logan said. "We also tried to have a lower ticket price to make the event more accessible to the community."

The event features several out of state breweries, including KC Bier Co., Boulevard Brewing and more. Local attendees include Yankee Tank Brewing Company, Lawrence Beer Company, Black Stag Brewery and Free State Brewery.

In addition to beer, food from Lawrence-based restaurants such as Mr. Bacon BBQ, The ‘Bap Stop and La Parilla on Wheels Food Truck are also featured.

All of the funds raised from this event will go toward the Lawrence Board of Realtors Community Foundation, which aims to resolve housing-related needs in Douglas County.

Ryan Desch, president-elect of the Lawrence Board of Realtors, also acts as the chairperson of the 501(c)(3) charity arm of the Lawrence Board of Realtors Community Foundation.

Housing-related issues have become especially apparent in light of the recent tornado. Desch said that the community response to help rebuild has made him even more passionate about working with the Lawrence community.

By working with local charity partners, members of the foundation sift through applications to decide which 501(c)(3) organizations align with the foundation’s vision statement: “A stronger community through housing.”

“The application process opens in the summer and closes in October, which is when we’ve done all of our fundraising for the year," Desch said. "The foundation sits down either at the end of October or early in November to go over the applications that are submitted by community partners."

"Typically our application asks potential community partners to identify local housing needs," Desch continued.

From there, the foundation collaborates with organizations that cater to housing-related needs by planning and hosting fundraising events.

“We work closely with the community shelter and Family Promise," Desch said. "They identify particular needs that have housing implications. We try to use the funding that we raise to fill those needs."

The Lawrence Board of Realtors have already hosted two successful fundraisers: a golf tournament last fall and a poker competition this past spring. The Lawrence Summer Brew Fest rounds out the list of the foundation’s annual fundraising events.

“There will always be housing-related needs in our community," Desch said, "so why not help out and have fun at the same time?”