Five people show off their outfits to the camera in a photo collage

Left to right: Ethan Haskins, Alicia Getty, Jarron Lewis, Rin Scholtens and Nathan Pickerell make up the top five looks from Campus Couture this school year. 

With campus closed, Campus Couture has come to an end for this semester. To celebrate the diverse fashion styles of those featured on Campus Couture throughout the school year, here is a look back on the top five looks found on campus, in no particular order. 

Ethan Haskins's '90s look 

Sophomore Ethan Haskins shows off his ‘90s classics inspired look at the start of the spring semester with eye-catching red pants, bold leopard print and a stunning black faux fur coat. 

KU sophomore Ethan Haskins, stands in front of Strong Hall

Sophomore Ethan Haskins wears a black faux fur coat, leopard print mock turtleneck and red pants.

Alicia Getty's New York-inspired fashion  

Freshman Alicia Getty dresses up to feel focused and professional with her New York inspired tweed skirt and blazer set. 

Campus Couture: Alicia Getty 1

Freshman Alicia Getty wears a matching black and white tweed skirt and blazer set.

Jarron Lewis's homemade look

Sophomore Jarron Lewis wears his homemade jeans and chokers to express himself and to break away from traditional gender roles.

Jarron Lewis 1

Sophomore Jarron Lewis keeps his outfit simple with homemade jeans and chokers.

Rin Scholtens's jumpsuit

Graduate student and art instructor Rin Scholtens rocks a striped floral jumpsuit that matches their hair, heeled boots and a multitude of accessories to feel motivated to take on the day.

Campus Couture Rin Scholtens 2

Graduate student Rin Scholtens rocks a thrifted jumpsuit, black boots and a denim jacket.

Nathan Pickerell's vintage outfit

Freshman Nathan Pickerell draws inspiration for his outfit from the ‘60s and ‘70s rock scene with a vintage leather bomber jacket, colorful vintage shirt and unique pieces of jewelry.

A man stands against a brick wall and looks at the camera

Freshman Nathan Pickerell gets his inspiration from the 60s and 70s rock scene, especially from icons Jim Morrison and John Lennon. 

Although Campus Couture is over for the semester, short articles exploring popular fashion trends as well as styling tips and tricks will be up online every week starting April 3.

Edited by Mitchell Osterlund