Freshman Alicia Getty has lived in many different places throughout her life. She most recently lived in Hawaii for five years before coming to Kansas. She studies strategic communications and said she loves to dress up for class to express herself through fashion. 

“I’m a very creative person,” Getty said. “I always enjoy self expression, so I feel like for me being put together or dressing up makes it so that I have that avenue of expression, but I’m also being productive and making myself work harder.” 

Getty is dressed in a matching black and white tweed skirt and blazer set with a black turtleneck and boots. Getty said this outfit makes her feel confident and determined to take on the day. She doesn’t stick to one specific style but draws a lot of her inspiration from New York fashion. 

Campus Couture: Alicia Getty 2

Freshman Alicia Getty sports earrings from Francesca's. 

“I try to dress the way I want to present myself, so when I am in a setting where I want to be focused and want to be more professional, New York fashion is kind of what brings that to me,” Getty said. 

Getty also danced competitively as a child, which introduced her to flashy clothes and makeup early on. She said she liked the way the dance outfits made her feel ready to perform. But even when she’s off the stage, Getty likes to look her best when she presents herself to the world.

“As a social person, I feel like how I present myself, the first impression, that makes a big impact,” Getty said. “So for me, if I want people to see me the way I want them to see me, and see me for who I am, then I need to be dressing the same way that I feel on the inside.” 

Getty has recently focused more on creating outfits with clothes she already has and shopping more ethically, she said. She often goes thrifting for fashion finds or hits up fashion retailers such as Urban Outfitters and J. Crew.

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Skirt and Blazer: Forever 21 

Bag: Target 

Earrings: Francesca’s

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