1313 Mockingbird Lane is located at 1021 ¼ Massachusetts St. Owner Terry Taylor sold his wares at various pop-up locations before opening the brick-and-mortar location in downtown Lawrence.

1313 Mockingbird Lane, a toy shop named after the iconic sitcom, “The Munsters,” will host one of the original cast members this week.

Butch Patrick from “The Munsters” will be in Lawrence Tuesday, June 18 for a meet and greet at the local toy shop on Massachusetts Street.

“The Munsters” was an American sitcom from the early 1960’s. The family in the show was a diverse group of monsters. The mom was a vampire married to Herman, Frankenstein's monster. Patrick played their child Eddie, a werewolf. The mom’s vampire grandpa and their normal niece named Marilyn were part of the family as well.

The sitcom ended in the late 1960’s, but store owner Terry Taylor watched reruns of the show in the 1980’s. He fell in love with the show, and he knew that if he ever opened a store of his own, an element from “The Munsters” would be included.

“I feel that at a very early time frame, it showed people acceptance and equality,” Taylor said.

Patrick’s wife called Taylor about holding a meet and greet at the shop. Taylor said he thought the call was a prank because it felt too good to be true. The address for the Munster’s mansion was 1313 Mockingbird Lane and is where Taylor's shop got its name, which is one reason why Patrick reached out.

“The store is named after 'The Munsters,' so having a Munster here is a dream come true,” said Taylor.

The meet and greet will take place Tuesday from 4-7 p.m. One autograph will cost $20 or two for $30, but all pictures are free.