"Seminar," one of University Theatre's three shows slated for the spring semester, is a comedy that takes place in New York's Upper West Side. Also on the schedule is "Company," "Anon(ymous)" and "Don Giovanni."

University Theatre is looking forward to the spring 2017 semester, with a lineup including "Seminar," "Company," "Anon(ymous)" and "Don Giovanni."

Dennis Christilles, artistic director for University Theatre, had a large hand in choosing the performances.

“As a unit on campus that is involved in communication both with the campus and Lawrence community, we try to look for those types of plays that will present certain viewpoints, deal with relevant issues and also provide for voices that need to be heard,” Christilles said. 

Christilles also said the department likes to keep the needs of their students in mind by looking at the material for each production, and provide a variety of learning opportunities for the actors as well. 

"Seminar," a comedy play by Theresa Rebeck, tells the story of four aspiring young writers who meet in an apartment with an international literary genius in New York's Upper West Side. This guru teaches them not only about writing, but about life as well. "Seminar" will be performed Feb. 9-12.

The play will be directed by Drew Hafling, a junior from Topeka studying theatre performance. Halfing has been a part of the theatre program since his freshman year at the University, but this is his first play he will direct. He has acted in three plays prior, but decided to volunteer for role as the director of "Seminar."

“I really like the script because it is a comedy, but it’s not a traditional, over-the-top, happy comedy; it’s more realistic and believable," Hafling said. "The plot of the show is really simple, but there is much more to it than the surface because the characters are deeper than they seem, and that is really what drew me in."

"Company," a musical comedy written by George Furth, with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, will premiere March 3. "Company" explores adult relationships. Just like "Seminar," this production is also set in New York. "Company" will be performed March 3-5 and March 10-12. 

"Anon(ymous)," written by Naomi Iizuka, delves into the search for identity of an immigrant in the United States. According to University Theatre's website, it is modern adaptation of Homer’s "Odyssey," with the main character, Anon, journeying through America as a young immigrant. The showing dates for this production are March 31-April 2 and April 4-6.

A production of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" will close out the semester. Christilles said the opera, which is "widely regarded as the greatest opera ever composed,” according to University Theatre's website, is highly anticipated. "Don Giovanni" will be a collaboration between University Theatre and the School of Music, featuring the University Symphony Orchestra.

Showings for "Don Giovanni" will be performed on April 21, April 23, April 27 and April 29. 

For more information and showtimes, visit kutheatre.ku.edu.

— Edited by Ashley Hocking