A sign outside of a restaurant reads "Wake the Dead"

Wake The Dead announced it has permanently closed. The restaurant was located at 7 E. Seventh St. 

After three years of serving the Lawrence community, "Wake the Dead" Breakfast Bar officially closed its doors on Friday, March 20, owner Rachael Ulbrick said. It is the first business in Lawrence to permanently close due to state-imposed regulations to control the spread of COVID-19.

Located at 7 E. Seventh St., the breakfast bar was the first business Ulbrick owned and opened with her own money. 

“I have put my time, sweat, tears and money into [the business] for four years,” Ulbrick said. 

Last summer, Ulbrick was diagnosed with breast cancer, which took a toll on her energy levels and immune system, she said. This was another underlying factor that she said caused her to shut down the breakfast bar. 

The name of the restaurant was inspired by the traditional Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead, Ulbrick said. It was a way to remember those who have passed away while still making memories with your loved ones, she said.

“We wanted people to feel good when they come in and wanted people to feel even better when they leave,” Ulbrick said.

In the future, Ulbrick said she hopes to create a cookbook including recipes and cocktails from Wake the Dead, but she doesn’t plan on going back into the restaurant industry. Ulbrick plans to spend more time with her family as a result.

“Any time anything ends, it creates space for something else to begin,” Ulbrick said. “Something new to start.” 

Wake the Dead merchandise including sweatshirts and hats can be found on its Instagram, along with any other updates concerning the restaurant. 

—Edited by Cami Koons