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"Local Listens" is a weekly column in which reporter DeAsia Paige highlights new releases from local artists.

This week’s “Local Listens” features new music from Kansas City artists Eric Rice, Middlechild and Ivy Roots. Each release invites listeners to explore the singer's current mood while reflecting on their feelings. 

“Low” by Eric Rice

“Low” is the second EP by Kansas City, Kansas, artist and producer Eric Rice. The sophomore project starts with “Save the Bees,” a monologue by Rice that introduces the EP’s somber mood. Throughout the five-track release, Rice uses mellow beats to express his current frustrations with life, although he’s a bit optimistic about having a better future. “Low” is depressing, but it’s an easy listen when searching for a laid-back vibe.

“October 31st” by Middlechild

“October 31st” is the debut single from Kansas City, Missouri, singer Middlechild (Danzell Capers). While it isn’t clear what the date Oct. 31 alludes to, the genre-bending alternative track is a strong debut from Middlechild that’s backed by soothing experimental beats and impressive vocal arrangement. “October 31st” sounds like Middlechild’s ode to personal growth and the start of a new chapter that’s a refrain from toxic relationships.

“Love Art Growth” by Ivy Roots

“Love Art Growth” is the latest release from Kansas City, Missouri, singer Ivy Roots. The six-track EP invites listeners on Ivy Roots’ journey of spiritual healing and empowerment as she sings about removing herself from unhealthy environments and going to spaces she’s loved. Ivy Roots is adamant about appreciating all that life has to offer her, which is the tone reflected throughout the EP.