Local Listens Graphic

"Local Listens" is a weekly column in which reporter DeAsia Paige highlights new releases from local artists.

This week’s “Local Listens” features Breasia Denee, Walt and Steph Up. All of the artists are based in Kansas City, Missouri.

“Whipped Cream Cover (Acoustic)” by Breasia Denee

This is the first and only song released by Breasia Denee. Her music can’t be found on Spotify, and the song is her only YouTube video. The lack of music from the Kansas City, Missouri singer is slightly disappointing because her beautiful twist on an Ari Lennox hit, leaves listeners wanting more from the artist. Denee’s soothing vocals and appropriately dragged out runs offers a unique R&B style that will hopefully be heard on future singles from Denee. However, her cover does provide a glimpse of what an official single from her would sound like, and it’ll certainly be something worth listening to.

“Pride” by Walt

“Pride” is one of the singles from Walt’s first-ever EP “From Walt with Love,” which was released at the end of last year. The single is mainly Walt singing about how he doesn’t want to let his pride get in the way of good things around him. The production on the track is very experimental, which makes the single more listenable — along with Walt’s alternative R&B sound. Both of those aspects of Walt’s artistry make the single a definite standout.

“Court Dates” by Steph Up

“Court Dates” is one of the singles from Steph Up’s latest EP “Devil May Cry.” It’s mainly an introspective track on which Steph Up raps about dealing with the criminal justice system as a black man and his efforts in trying to escape from it. It poses as a stream of consciousness single on which Steph Up describes the many instances he’s encountered the police and what he’s learned from them.

— Edited by Grant Heiman