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"Local Listens" is a weekly column in which reporter DeAsia Paige highlights new releases from local artists.

This week’s “Local Listens” features Kye Colors, Halle Alice and A’sean. Alice is a senior at the University of Kansas, and Colors and A’sean are Kansas City, Missouri, natives.

“Talk About It” by Kye Colors

On “Talk About It,” Kye Colors airs all of his concerns. He’s tired of haters. He’s tired of being heartbroken. The Kansas City, Missouri, rapper is simply tired of dealing with his struggles and wishes to escape from his demons. However, his music poses as that escape, and throughout the single, Colors raps in an intriguing stream-of-consciousness style that makes his lyrics more powerful and moving. 

“Mamakoosa” by Halle Alice and Komodo Dragon

“Mamakoosa” is the latest single from singer Halle Alice, a KU senior. The Los Angeles native joined forces with dancehall artist Komodo Dragon to give listeners a reggae-tinged love song. While it isn’t clear if the single will be a part of a larger project, “Mamakoosa” is a dreamy romantic vibe that’s catchy and furthers the versatility of Halle Alice’s genre-bending artistry while keeping listeners interested. 

“Swan Pack” by A’sean

“Swan Pack” is the most recent project from rapper A’sean. Released in October, the two-track EP features somber beats and A’sean’s slow-pace rapping style that make the lyrical content more clear for listeners to follow. A’sean’s ability to tell captivating stories through his music is a main highlight on the EP. On the first track “She’s Pleased,” he paints the story of a woman whose sexual desires blind her from the fact that she isn’t treated the way she deserves. “No N*gga,” the EP’s second track, features A’sean repeating how he isn’t scared of anyone, which makes up most of the song’s lyrics. Although the project doesn’t seem to make a profound statement, A’sean’s vivid storytelling shines throughout.