A graphic features the words "Local Listens" over images of music notes and volume levels

"Local Listens" is a weekly column in which reporter DeAsia Paige highlights new releases from local artists.

This week’s “Local Listens” includes Kansas City, Missouri, natives Zarin Micheal, Jenn and Amira Wang. While Micheal’s new EP seems to be a new direction with his sound, Jenn and Wang’s respective singles creates an added layer to their growing R&B and hip-hop appeal. 

“A Million Miles Away” by Zarin Micheal

In his first project this year, rapper Zarin Micheal opts for an R&B sound, which hasn’t been heard on his previous works. But the new direction in genre seems to come naturally for Micheal as he trades his tough rapping bars for more soothing vocals that gives listeners an expansive view of his impressive singing abilities. Throughout the EP, Micheal reflects on how his music career often jeopardizes his romantic relationships, but he comes to a painful conclusion that he might be better off alone. 

“Slow Ya Roll” by Jenn feat. Meka Baby and Amira Wang

Released earlier this summer, “Slow Ya Roll” is the latest single from singer and songwriter Jenn. Jenn, with help from rappers Meka Baby and Amira Wang, gives female listeners a power anthem as she demands that men need to slow down when trying to get too close to her. “Slow Ya Roll” is a soothing R&B single that thoroughly captures a woman’s thought process when men come off too strong.

“Werk It” by Amira Wang 

“Werk It” is the first release from rapper Amira Wang this year. As the song’s title suggests, Wang wants women to escape their problems by enjoying themselves and having fun — which undoubtedly includes twerking in the club. “Werk It” is a fun, exuberant song that reflects the energy Wang emits when she raps. Her bars are as lyrical as they are sonically animated, adding Wang to the diverse group of lively female rappers who’ve recently garnered mainstream appeal.