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"Local Listens" is a weekly column in which reporter DeAsia Paige highlights new releases from local artists.

This week’s “Local Listens” features music from rappers Kartez Marcel and Ray Muney, along with music from rock band “Wick & the Tricks.” All artists are based in Kansas City, Missouri.

"Elevate R Music” by Kartez Marcel

“Elevate R Music” is the latest offering from Kansas City rapper Kartez Marcel. As its title suggests, “Elevate R Music” paints Marcel’s attempt at releasing the best quality music. The single evokes a chill R&B/hip-hop vibe, which juxtaposes Marcel rapping about not wanting to be a lackadaisical rapper. While it’s not clear if the single suggests a new project, it certainly leaves listeners wanting for more singles similar to “Elevate R Music."

“Black Men Don’t Miss” by Ray Muney

“Black Men Don’t Miss” is a track from Ray Muney’s latest project “Real Street Nigga.” The street track is about Muney trusting no one and always having a way to protect himself because of past hurt. “Black Men Don’t Miss” is an easy listen, which is supported by the subtle yet standout production, and it’s easily one of Muney’s best songs.

“Drama Queen” by Wick & the Tricks

“Drama Queen” is a track from Wick & the Tricks’ most recent project “Not Enough,” which was released in 2017. Like most of the songs from the project, “Drama Queen” makes you instantly want to groove with the band and begs for a live performance. It’s a classic rock song that provides a solid introduction to the Kansas City-based group and its artistry.

Edited by Nolan Brey