New Music Mondays UPDATED

This week’s New Music Monday features an album following a tragic death, the beginning of something new for Future and a band coming back together after years of going their separate ways.

“Tim” - Avicii

After Swedish DJ Avicii’s death early last year, many may be wondering how another album of his is coming out over a year later. The project is titled “Tim,” after his real name Tim Bergling. It's his third studio album, and is a posthumous collaboration from some of his friends and family.

The collection of songs was created and nearly completed by Avicii before his death, just needing someone to finalize the songs and bring it all together. The album is meant to carry on his legacy after his death, establishing his status as a star in the EDM community for years to come.

“Save Me” - Future

Future’s second collection of work this year, “Save Me,” is a moody seven-song solo EP, a first for him. Following his seventh studio album “The Wizrd,” Future told Rolling Stone that the album was the end of an era for his music.

With the new EP, he’s trying something new and changing up his sound a bit. There’s even a rumored sample of his ex-fiancé Ciara, who he shares a son with, in the song “Shotgun.” With “The Wizrd” topping charts at its release, expect no less from “Save Me.”

“Happiness Begins” - Jonas Brothers

It's the reunion album everyone is talking about. The Jonas Brothers released their first studio album in 10 years following their 2009 “Lines, Vines and Trying Times.”

The three brothers separated for a while, living their personal lives or working on solo careers, before announcing earlier this year they were coming back together. They announced it with their first single “Sucker,” an upbeat pop song where they talk about being a sucker for their spouses, following Nick’s wedding and preceding Joe’s.

The rest of the album follows that familiar pop vibe fans of the group have come to love, although a bit more adult than their teenage music. They will then follow up the album with a worldwide tour, hitting Kansas City, Missouri, in September.