New Music Mondays UPDATED

New music has dropped from artists including Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug and Mason Ramsey.

Welcome to this week’s installment of New Music Monday! Your regular columnist Wyatt is on his way back from Pridefest, so I will be taking over for the week!

Last week’s music brought hip-hop and R&B into the spotlight with Freddie Gibbs and Daniel Caesar dropping an album and Joyner Lucas releasing a single for his upcoming album.

“Bandana” - Freddie Gibbs, Madlib

“Bandana” is what every Gibbs-Madlib fan has been looking forward to since 2014. The album is the duo’s second collaborative project, following up 2014’s “Piñata,” and it does everything but disappoint. “Fake Names” explores Gibbs’ street lifestyle, going as far as to mention how he is insane and sees dead faces whenever he sleeps, referencing dead presidents on money. “Palmolive,” featuring Pusha T and Killer Mike, is the star of the album, each rapper’s flow working well to create a track full of sarcastic takes on Trump and a true look into their relationships.

Overall, “Bandana” is a near-perfect successor to “Piñata.”

“Case Study 01” - Daniel Caesar

Following up his debut album “Freudian” in 2017 with a surprise release, Caesar once again creates an ethereal sound with his harmonic voice and instrumentals. “Case Study 01” takes a twist on Caesar’s usual subject of love by adding science into the mix.

“ENTROPY” kicks off the album strong with Caesar discussing the theory of entropy, which is known as disorder in thermodynamics. However, “SUPERPOSITION” is the gem of the album, recruiting John Mayer on guitar and discussing the idea of superposition, a phenomenon where two waves cross paths to make one bigger wave, and how it connects with his life and relationships.

“Broke and Stupid” - Joyner Lucas

“Broke and Stupid” is the fourth single from Lucas’ upcoming album “ADHD.” The single features Lucas rapping about his past of being broke and stupid, but how he has learned and earned throughout his career. The song is basically a huge flex on Lucas’ current life, which is well-earned, considering his past struggles. Be on the look out for “ADHD,” as it should be dropping soon.