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"New Music Mondays" is a column that highlights recently dropped music from prominent artists.

This week’s “New Music Monday” features heavily-anticipated releases from Roddy Ricch, Teyana Taylor and Tame Impala. Roddy Ricch’s debut is unimpressive yet promising. Teyana Taylor’s release of another single hints at a new album from the singer, and Tame Impala’s latest single is both gloomy and beautiful. 

“Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial” by Roddy Ricch

On his heavily-anticipated debut album, Roddy Ricch shares his personal rags-to-riches story that aptly balances pain and fame. The 16-track album could benefit from a short tracklist and a diverse sound. Although the album features bangers like “Bacc Seat,” “The Box” and “Big Stepper” and boasts of impressive features from the likes of Ty Dolla $ign and Meek Mill, its lack of complexity speaks volumes. However, “Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial” is a strong debut for a rookie in the rap game and provides an optimistic outlook for Ricch. If it doesn’t shine for anything related to its lyrical content, then “Please Excuse for Being Antisocial” certainly shines for the Compton rapper’s impressive ability of mixing elements of west coast and southern rap culture, as Ricch’s style sounds like he’s the teacher’s pet of Atlanta rappers Young Thug and Future.

“We Got Love” by Teyana Taylor

“We Got Love” is the long-awaited single from Teyana Taylor, who first performed a remixed version of the song on “Saturday Night Live” last year. The single samples a 1974 song from The Younghearts titled “We’ve Got Love (You Better Believe It)” and suggests that a full-length project from Taylor is on the way, given that she’s recently released singles “Morning” and “How You Want It.” The Kanye West-produced track is a self-love anthem on which Taylor sings about not being worried about life’s circumstances and surrounding herself with those who matter the most. 

“Posthumous Forgiveness” by Tame Impala

On the third single from Tame Impala’s upcoming album “The Slow Rush,” which is due on Valentine’s Day, Kevin Parker pays homage to his late father by expressing things he wished he had said to him, aligning with the song’s title. The single starts off with a hazy sound as Parker sings about thinking that his dad was a hero, but the single gains a louder and more defined sound as Parker employs a stream-of-consciousness strategy to sort out the negative feelings he has about his dad and how he eventually learns that his dad isn’t the hero he initially thought he was. “Posthumous Forgiveness” is the strongest of the Tame Impala singles this year as it captures dark emotions both through its lyricism and production.