New Music Mondays UPDATED

"New Music Mondays" is a column that highlights recently dropped music from prominent artists.

This week’s “New Music Monday” features Gucci Mane, Frank Ocean and Kash Doll. Although Gucci Mane’s new album doesn’t boast anything special, music from Frank Ocean and Kash Doll leaves listeners wanting more. 

“Woptober II” by Gucci Mane

The sequel to Gucci Mane’s acclaimed 2016 mixtape “Woptober” certainly doesn’t disappoint. The Gucci Mane of 2016 was trying to rebuild his life after having multiple run-ins with the law, but the Gucci Mane of 2019 is certainly happier and healthier with his new marriage and his expanding business empire, which includes a long-awaited partnership with designer brand Gucci. Although the Atlanta rap star’s happiness is reflected throughout “Woptober II,” his second album this year, the project doesn’t particularly stand out. Instead, it begs the question of when Gucci Mane will release a classic project. However, “Woptober II” is a fun listen that proves the veteran rapper will likely never lose his ability to make trap hits. 

“DHL” by Frank Ocean

Our quiet king has spoken. In his first original single since 2017, Frank Ocean seems to take a different musical approach as the song is filled with EDM and house music vibes, which aligns with Ocean mentioning in a recent interview that he’s currently inspired by nightlife culture and Chicago house music. Throughout the single, Ocean rambles about his sexuality and his fashion while boasting about him being a music visionary. The song’s title alludes to a German shipping company of the same name that’s the largest in the world. While it’s difficult to decipher what Ocean is working on, “DHL” gives hope that a new project might be on the horizon. 

“Stacked” by Kash Doll

Kash Doll shines on her debut album. The Detroit rapper flaunts her sexual prowess while conveying her strong work ethic and how nothing will ever stop her from being successful. “Stacked” is mainly a story about Kash Doll’s unyielding hustle, which is something she mentions she was forced to learn at an early age while being the oldest of six children. She revealed this on the album’s highlight and opening track, “KD Diary.” The album also boasts strong features from artists such as Lil Wayne, Summer Walker, Teyana Taylor and Trey Songz. Although the album could benefit from a shorter tracklist, “Stacked” is certainly something that Kash Doll should be immensely proud of.