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"New Music Mondays" is a column that highlights recently dropped music from prominent artists.

This week’s “New Music Monday” features PartyNextDoor, Coldplay and Summer Walker. Although PartyNextDoor’s return to music didn’t quite meet expectations, releases from Coldplay and Summer Walker are exciting listens. 

“Loyal” by PartyNextDoor feat. Drake

In his first solo single in two years, he brags about his loyalty to his partner and his complicated love life, which is a typical plot for a PartyNextDoor song. The single also features Drake, a frequent collaborator. However, although Drake and PartyNextDoor rarely miss on a single, “Loyal” is arguably the worst single the pair have created together. The beat is subpar, and the lyrics do little to help ameliorate it. Nevertheless, it’s nice to witness the resurrection of PartyNextDoor who recently announced his new album is expected in January. 

“Everyday Life” by Coldplay

“Everyday Life” sounds nothing like a typical Coldplay album that’s mainly influenced by pop elements. Instead, the band’s eighth album appears to be a celebration of the rich varieties of music in the world, from gospel music in the South to Middle Eastern influences. The album ostensibly emphasizes all the beauties of life and how it’s practiced worldwide, sending a timely message regarding the positivity of human life (which relates to the album’s title). “Everyday Life” is an aesthetically-pleasing portrait of all the facets of human life and employs various genres of music to convey that feeling. 

“Something Real” by Summer Walker feat. London on da Track and Chris Brown

“Something Real” is the highly-anticipated collaboration between R&B’s hottest superstars Summer Walker and Chris Brown. Throughout the song, Summer Walker expresses her desire for real love after having bad luck with former partners, and Chris Brown answers the call by emphasizing how he’s the solution to her problem. “Something Real” has a classic R&B vibe with a catchy hook that adds to the many reasons why Summer Walker is the most exciting R&B act currently out.