Sylas and Maddy's

Sylas and Maddy's new location will be on the 1100 block of Massachusetts St. 

This story was originally published July 24, 2019 and has been updated. 

Downtown ice cream joint Sylas and Maddy’s is getting a makeover.

The shop will move to 1101 Massachusetts St. later this year, neighboring Mass Street Soda. 

Manager Kaitlynn Ellis said a more spacious establishment helps to ensure more business and less time waiting in line.

“We’ve been looking for a while to expand; we’re just so busy,” Ellis said.

The new location is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, said Lynne Zollner, historic resources manager for the city of Lawrence.

Zollner reviews building permit plans for historic buildings. 

The building recently underwent a renovation rehabilitation project, so Sylas and Maddy’s could move in.

The restoration of the building is referred to as “tenant finish." These finishes include plumbing, electrical, mechanical, flooring, cabinetry and ADA compliance. 

As Zollner worked with the historical aspects of the building, plans examiners scoured building plans to ensure the proposed work met building and fire codes. 

It is the responsibility of the owner or owners of buildings and businesses to hire professionals that specialize in designing and drafting building plans. Once that’s in place, the city reviews these plans to ensure they are up to code. 

In short, the owner of Sylas and Maddy’s hires an architect, and the city steps in to review those plans. 

Sylas and Maddy's is still open at 1014 Massachusetts St.