Kansan picks

Vine might have been 2016's most tragic loss. One year later, the internet community is still reeling. As both a show of mourning and a tribute, here are the Kansan staff's favorite Vines.

Rachel Gaylor | @raegay218

“And They Were Roommates”

Oh my god … they were roommates. It is just a four-second vine, but it embodies the term “iconic.” The mystery of the woman talking … the reply. There are still so many questions I have. Has this woman seen this vine? Have the people she’s talking to seen it? Are they still roommates? I need answers.

Nicole Asbury | @nicoleasbury

“What a Feeling”

This vine is so wholesome. Dogs are so pure. It’s hard to not want to support this dog and its driving ability while it finds love. Also, this is a great One Direction song in the background.

Mylan Jones | @thislanismylan

“Dudes these days turnin’ soft”

Dudes are really out here turnin’ soft. I honestly do not understand what is going on in the world. This vine helps me find solace within the fact that others are recognizing this new trend.

We must stay hard, we shall not be caught lackin’ at any moment in our lives.

Emily Juszczyk | @juszczykemily 

"It's an Avocado!"

“It’s an avocado! Thanks!” is an iconic vine that appreciates the simplicity of children and their appreciation for the little things in life. It’s also really funny and cute, and we need more funny and cute things in the world.

Josh McQuade | @L0neW0lfMcQuade

"Kermit Suicide"

After a failed attempt to teach future generations the letters of the alphabet, my childhood hero, Kermit the Frog, tragically kermits suicide. The vine excelled at taking a cute, innocent joke and turning it into the dark, twisted comedy we have all learned to love.

Courtney Bierman | @courtbierman

“I Don’t Even Know Which Way the Quiznos is”

Vines are all about timing. On a nondescript street corner, this auteur manages to build suspense with a remarkable payoff in all of six seconds. The key is that she waits until the end to make her reveal.

— Edited by Wesley Dotson