Spooky Underground Tunnel

Underneath the Candle Queen Candles is a tunnel that was once part of a series of tunnels that connect throughout the city. These tunnels are believed to be part of the Underground Railroad.

Weather: Thunderstorms are possible Wednesday evening and Thursday evening, according to the National Weather Service in Topeka. There will be a cold front coming through Thursday night. 

News: The KU Public Safety Office is investigating two reports of a male exposing himself and masturbating in front of women near campus housing on early Tuesday morning. The incident occurred in between Hashinger and Lewis Halls. 

Sports: Part of the Kansas baseball schedule was announced. The team will be playing two fall exhibition games. 

News: There's been a string of vending machine related crimes that campus police are investigating. 

Chalk Magazine: Chalk reporter Gracen Gueldner recalls her time in a recovery center for her eating disorder, and how it changed her life. 

Throwback: In honor of spooky season coming up, read back on a 200-year old system of haunted tunnels that exists beneath Leavenworth.