Valentine's Day Heart Graphic

Despite the UDK staff being largely single, we decided we should probably tell you what to listen to on your Valentine's Day.

Whether you're celebrating with a significant other or wallowing in pitiful sorrow on your lonesome, we all deserve a chance to set the mood with the perfect tunes. Here are some handpicked v-day favorites directly from the hearts of our staff.

For the blue:

“Stan” by 6lack 

The song is about a breakup and how the artist looked at life afterwards. It shows the dark feelings that one might have after losing a loved one.

- Philip Mueller

“Marvin’s Room” by Drake 

It’s about not finding hoes at the club. You don’t want the other hoes at the club because there’s this one girl you want to shoot your shot with, but you shouldn’t because she’s with another guy. It’s about the human condition if you think about it.

- Tristan Allen | @tristanallen129

“Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.

Self explanatory.

- Corey Minkoff | @corey_minkoff

“Willow” by Raury 

The melody is soothing and soft as if to balance the unfortunately relatable ping of the line, “No one ever chooses me.” Blare it in the shower, sit down, condition your hair and cry.

- Nichola McDowell | @journichola

“Take it All” by Adele 

A song about a breakup and the feeling that you have nothing left to give a significant other. You asked for this.

- Emma Bascom | @ebascom3

“I’ll Get You Home” by By The Coast 

The lyrics are not inherently sad and are actually kind of endearing, but the melody will make you cry immediately.

- Lucy Peterson | @petersonxlucy

“Salt In The Wound” - boygenius

Basically just a collection of sad expressions and metaphors written and sung by three indie queens.

- Liam Mays | @LiamWMays

“Supercut” by Lorde 

A song about looking back on all of the best moments of a failed relationship.

- Brianna Wessling | @BriWessling 

“Missing You” by John Waite 

Exactly what the title says, definitely really romantic but super depressing. 

- Sarah Grindstaff | @SarahGrindstaf5

“Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood

You sing (well more like yell at the top of your lungs) this song with all your best gals after one has gone through a break up, and it’s awesome.

- Natalie Gibson | @nataliegibsonxo

“How Much I Feel” by Ambrosia 

The song is about a guy that gets dumped because his girlfriend thought he was cheating, and how he misses his ex-girlfriend even though he has a wife now (yikes). It’s a good song to cry or dance to. You can also cry and dance simultaneously to this song. Either works.

- Emily Doll | @emilydoll13

“Bad as the Boys (feat. ALMA)” by Tove Lo 

This one goes out to every person who’s told me, a queer woman, “I wish I liked girls too, it seems easier.” Actually, girls can shatter your heart just as much as any boy can, and this song really hits you in your feelings with that fact. The kicker lyric: “I know she used me for some fun.”

- Sarah Wright | @swrightUDK


For the burning hearts: 

“Earned It” by The Weeknd

This is a song that I’m pretty sure was used in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" soundtrack. If that doesn’t already say enough, it's about the dirty details that take place in the bedroom.

- Philip Mueller

“Redbone” by Childish Gambino

It’s just a song to get down to with your significant other. The lyrics provide a wide variety of interpretations but don’t listen to what they’re saying because the instrumentals are nice to make love to.

- Tristan Allen | @tristanallen129

“Feel Like Makin’ Love” by D’Angelo

Listen, you’re tryna to set the mood with that special someone. Y’all just got back home from La Prima Tazza — real fine dining typa scene. A single candle burns, wafting the smell of fresh lavender into an otherwise dimly-lit room. Sitting on the rose petal-covered bed in your finest Armani silk robes, you wonder — what’s the next move? My man, spin that classic shit to set the mood. If you’re really lookin to impress your honey, play the music that Pitchfork referred to as "maybe the most erotically tactile singing put to disc this decade."

- Corey Minkoff | @corey_minoff

“Hentai” by Cigarettes After Sex 

This song was made for sex — it’s in the title and the band name. But, despite the erotic nature of the title, it’s rather soft and emotional, perfect to share a nice intimate moment with your partner. Then of course, go smoke a cigarette. 

- Nichola McDowell | @journichola

“Thinkin Bout You” by Frank Ocean

Truthfully, I could put any Frank song here and it would be a viable option for this section.

- Liam Mays | @LiamWMays

“Movement” by Hozier

Do you really need an explanation for this one? 

- Emma Bascom | @ebascom3

“She” by Harry Styles

Because I don’t listen to the rules and didn’t write a description for this song, this is what I deserve.

- Lucy Peterson | @petersonxlucy

"Movements (feat. Yung Fusion)" by Pham

The music video follows a sex addict's anonymous support group that unearths a predator and gets revenge, all during a song about being hopelessly in love with your significant other. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a sexier song.

- Sarah Wright | @swrightUDK

“Netflix & Dusse” by Smino

What’s not sexy about someone telling you there’s a pizza on the way?

- Natalie Gibson | @nataliegibsonxo

“Lay All Your Love on Me” by ABBA

We’ve all seen that one scene from "Mamma Mia". 

- Brianna Wessling | @BriWessling 

“I’m On Fire” by Bruce Springsteen

Basically a slower, sexier version of Uptown Girl. 

- Sarah Grindstaff | @SarahGrindstaf5

“Adorn” by Miguel

Gives off a modern “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye vibe. 

- Emily Doll | @emilydoll13