Illustrates viruses and music notes set the background for the words 'U.D.K. Quarantine Playlist'

Listen to this UDK staff playlist filled with sad, alternative and quintessential quarantine songs.

As you stare out a window longingly, thinking of the day when you'll be able to go outside, thinking of the day when you'll be able to stand next to a person, thinking of the day when your hands will no longer be surprisingly soft as a result of your excessive hand washing, listen to this UDK staff playlist for all your quarantine boredom needs.

Sad social-distancing songs:

“Aphasia” by Pinegrove

A sad bop about a guy feeling lost and hidden. He sings “I'd pace around the place so quiet in myself,” which I can especially relate to as I’m pacing around going insane inside my apartment.

- Liam Mays | @LiamWMays

“Yesterday” by The Beatles

Who knew this would be a pandemic yesterday? Think about how grocery stores were stocked and love was just an easy game to play as you listen in quarantine.

- Emma Bascom | @ebascom3

“I Am a Rock” by Simon and Garfunkel 

This song is about a recluse who’s locked himself in his home and away from the world. Sound familiar? Lean into the sadness and the now oddly familiar sounding lyrics with this one.

- Rylie Koester | @RylieKoester 

“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

When there’s nothing else to do but “listen to the sound of your loneliness,” as Fleetwood Mac puts it, this song can be a comforting quarantine jam.

- Brianna Wessling | @BriWessling

“It Just Comes and Goes” by Old Man Canyon

Life just comes and goes, ya know? This song is about the ebbs and flows of existence, which is perfect for reflecting on your pre-pandemic life as you practice social distancing.

- Emily Doll | @emilydoll13

“Fine Line” by Harry Styles

In unprecedented times like these, sometimes you just need to be told that we’ll be alright. It’s even better when it’s Harry Styles telling you that.

- Lucy Peterson | @lucyepeterson

“Reaper” by No Vacation

A little bit haunting of a tune, covering bases of fear at your door. The line “can’t get away, get away from this place” really resonates with in-house lockdowns and socially distanced solitude.

- Nichola McDowell | @journichola 

Anti-viral alternative songs:

“Remember” by Jodi

To be honest, I have no clue what this song is about because they used a bunch of metaphors and a thesaurus to create the song. But the album cover is a yellow background with a denim hat that says “Karaoke” on it, so it’s clearly desperately alternative.

- Liam Mays | @LiamWMays

“Would That I” by Hozier

This is not only an incredible song, but it’s also one that you won’t be able to get out of your head while you’re washing your hands, so you’re sure to hit that 20-second mark.

- Emma Bascom | @ebascom3

“Oblivion” by Young the Giant 

A song about feeling helpless in a confusing, quickly changing and at times cruel world. Listen to this song, and know at least you’re not alone in it all.

- Brianna Wessling | @BriWessling

“People, I’ve been Sad” by Christine and the Queens

A song that I think everyone will be able to relate to at some point during this whole pandemic. The title speaks for itself.

- Lucy Peterson | @lucyepeterson

“I’m Just Snacking” by Gus Dapperton

(Does Gus count in this genre?) Anyways, this is the perfect song for your online spring behaviors as you think about how pretty you’d look outside only to come back to your empty pantry and wonder “what are we snacking for?”

- Nichola McDowell | @journichola

Quintessential quarantine songs:

“Dave’s Song” by Whitney

A classic indie romance song but it’s clever for this playlist because he sings about how he’s been sick. See?

- Liam Mays | @LiamWMays

“Aberdeen” by Avi Kaplan

I for one am fantasizing about escaping this nightmare and running to the mountains. This song gives me hope. 

- Emma Bascom | @ebascom

“Whatever Brings You Peace of Mind” by Nassau 

Close your eyes, and listen to this simple song with soothing guitar strums and easy vocals. It’ll help you slow down for a few minutes and just relax. 

- Rylie Koester | @RylieKoester 

“Cinnamon” by Hayley Williams

In the aftermath of a messy breakup, or the midst of social distancing in a global pandemic, it’s worth it to consider where loneliness ends and freedom begins, which is what this song is all about. 

- Brianna Wessling | @BriWessling 

“Home” by LCD Soundsystem

It’s upbeat (which is great for one-person dance parties), long (so time goes by faster in quarantine) and it coincidentally shares the same name as the place that you should be staying as much as you can right now.

- Emily Doll | @emilydoll13

“Me & Magdalena” by The Monkees

It’s either a song you listen to when you need to cry or when it's 70 degrees out and you’re driving in your car with the windows down surrounded by all your friends. Perfect for when you need to quarantine yourself because of the coronavirus but also when it’s getting warmer out and you can finally roll your windows down when you’re driving around trying to find a store that still has toilet paper in stock.

- Lucy Peterson | @lucyepeterson

“Real Damn Shame” by Felly

The Connecticut-turned-Cali kid knows how to put out a bumpy summer tape, and his latest album “Mariposa” lives up to the vibe. While “Real Damn Shame” is perfect for riding (alone, socially distanced) in the beetle with the top down, the first verse offers relevant lines for staying in during quarantine as you “let the night bleed into morning.”

- Nichola McDowell | @journichola

—Edited by Brianna Wessling