As the fall weather sets in, some students set the mood with their music. Some reflect on the year, while others embrace the seasonal blues. 

Here’s what students are listening to in this week's University Daily Tunes:

“Bloodlines” by Mess

Faith Maddox, a sophomore from Topeka, said she's been hooked on Mess, a band from Kansas City, Missouri, ever since she saw them open for American Football on a recent tour. Maddox said she likes a number of local bands. 

“Their guitar parts are just super pretty and ethereal,” Maddox said. She said she also likes Mess’ vocal work.

“Stargazing” by Lil Yung Pharaoh

Freshman Claire Dopp from Olathe said she was in the middle of a custom playlist from her boyfriend when Lil Yung Pharaoh’s song came on. 

“T-Bone Blues” by T-Bone Walker

Jimmy Bolamperti, a freshman guitar player from Omaha, Nebraska, said he is influenced by a wide range of music from old to new. 

“HUMBLE.” by Kendrick Lamar

Sophomore Brian Nam from Overland Park said he is big fan of Lamar and has listened to him for four years now. Nam said he likes Lamar's work for its lyricism. 

"He can get into any kind of beat, and he'll be able to give actual meaningful lyrics to it,” Nam said.

“Yacht” by Jay Park

Sophia Quattrocchi is a senior from Lincoln, Nebraska, but she was adopted from South Korea and even studied abroad there. Quattrocchi said K-hip-hop is just one part of her interests in a larger Korean culture.

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