Songs can help get you in the mood for any occasion. This week’s "University Daily Tunes" features a student who’s using music to help celebrate her 21st birthday and another whose song guides his speed walk across campus.   

Here are six songs Jayhawks are listening to this week:

“Callaíta” by Bad Bunny

Elizabeth Santillan, a junior from Kansas City, Kansas, listened to this Spanish song to get ready for her 21st birthday.  

“It gets me in the mood to celebrate,” Santillan said.

"Faygo Dreams" by 6 Dogs

Jenna Winter, a freshman from Overland Park, listened to a song her boyfriend recommended. Winter said she normally listens to pop songs, so this alternative rap song is a little out of her comfort zone — but she said she’ll listen to it for her boyfriend’s sake.

“He likes to meet somewhere in the middle, and then we can find songs that we both like,” Winter said.  

“What’s the Move” by Young Thug featuring Lil Uzi Vert

Marcus Allen, a senior from Lawrence, has Young Thug’s new album “So Much Fun” on repeat. Allen said it’s a nice album to listen to outside while enjoying the warm summer weather.

“I’m just hanging out outside listening to Young Thug,” Allen said.

“Small Worlds” by Mac Miller

Jonah Hodge, a freshman from Newton, Kansas, lets “Small Worlds” by Mac Miller get him in the mood to learn on the way to class.

“It’s kind of groovy and vibe-y,” Hodge said. “It really gets me excited for Spanish.”

“Nightrain” by Guns N’ Roses 

Some songs motivate other students to get to classes on time. “Nightrain” by Guns N’ Roses helped Brett Berry, a freshman from Fishers, Indiana, walk from Downs Hall to Wescoe Hall in 13 minutes.

“It’s a little bit of a harder-edged song,” Berry said. “I guess it was a little bit of a pump up.”

“Tearing Me Up” by Bob Moses

Kaleb Hollembeak, a senior from Overland Park, saw Bob Moses perform at Coachella last spring. Now, he plays this “chill” and “slow mellow song” while walking around campus.

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