Students are using a variety of genres to get through some mid-semester work. From classic rock on the way to class to classical-themed study tunes, here’s what students are listening to in this week’s University Daily Tunes:

“I’m Still Standing” by Elton John

Freshman Carson Sevart from Girard, Kansas, was catching a breather during his walk between classes. His walking playlist consists of a wide variety of high-energy music, including the Elton John classic.

“It gets me to class pretty quick,” Sevart said.

“Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” by the Arctic Monkeys

Nathan Camp, a freshman from Overland Park, was in the mood for The Arctic Monkeys after listening to their latest single, “Four Out of Five.”

“Lacrimosa” on Classical Study Music

The Classical Study Music profile on Spotify provides some conventional but soothing study tunes for freshman Shelby Schrock from Wichita.

“Stretch You Out” by Summer Walker

Freshman Cecilia Arredondo got into a study mood with some different, more modern, hip-hop tunes. Summer Walker’s new album provides something fresh and new during the midterm season.

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