Three weeks into the start of the semester, students are starting to feel the stress of classes, work and other responsibilities. But music is giving them a little reprieve.

Here are five songs University of Kansas students are listening to in this week’s University Daily Tunes:

“Sorry” by Joel Corry

“Monday Motivation” is the playlist Caroline Orr, a sophomore from St. Louis, cued up on her walk across campus. Even though it was Tuesday, Orr said she was “still on Monday’s time.”

She said “Sorry” by Joel Corry is an EDM song that’s good for making your way to class with its beat drops.

“No Going Back” by Yuno

Another student listens to songs that motivates them and helps relax their mind between classes. Asha Solis, a sophomore from Topeka, listens to “No Going Back” by Yuno.

“I like it because it’s very impacting,” Solis said. “The song is talking about no going back to somebody, probably someone who’s toxic or brought you down.”

“Electric Feel” by MGMT

Tyler Bowen, a sophomore from Seattle, said he likes to listen to MGMT and Empire of the Sun while walking to classes.

“[It’s] just something to keep my mind occupied from stressful monotonous things of college life,” Bowen said.

“Wah Wah” by George Harrison

McKenna Fisher, a sophomore from Wichita, hangs outside of Wescoe Hall and listens to “Wah Wah” by George Harrison. 

“I’m really into old rock, old psychedelic 60s and 70s stuff,” Fisher said.  

“If We Never Met” by John K

Emma Newbill, a freshman from Birmingham, Alabama, listens to an assortment of country and EDM songs between classes. “If We Never Met” by John K is soft yet upbeat, she said.

Click below for the full University Daily Tunes Spotify playlist. 

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