Valentine's Day Playlist

The University Daily Kansan staff has compiled a collection of the best songs for those in relationships and those who are not for your listening pleasure!

Whether you are driving to date night with your boo or sitting at home waiting for the day to end, we have your back! The Kansan staff has compiled the best songs for whether you are taken or single, as Valentine's Day is for everybody, regardless of relationship status.

For Lovebirds:

Grace Menninger | @anarcho_seedism

Into Eternity // Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman croons in his thick Swedish accent over samples of vintage love songs. It’s incredibly corny, and Lekmen deftly captures the overtly saccharine feeling that comes along with love and the holiday we made to celebrate it, despite lyrics full of melancholic and world-weary feelings. 

Nicole Dolan | @nikkidolan279

Still Crazy After All These Years // Paul Simon

When listening to the pure sweetness of dear Paul reminiscing, one can’t help but reminisce on the first moment they felt that warm, fuzzy, gut-wrenching feeling you get from your sweetheart. This is the perfect type of song for you to hold that special someone and just sway.

Wyatt Hall | @thewyatthall15

Absolutely Smitten // Dodie

This song is about how wonderful it feels when you find that special someone that you just really connect with. It’s upbeat and lighthearted and Dodie is adorable as always. It’s also a great song to dance to. It’s practically impossible to feel down while listening to this tune.

Brianna Wessling | @briwessling

Never Give Up On Me // Misterwives

Lead singer Mandy Lee belts out verse after verse describing how comforting it is be in a relationship with someone who looks past all of your flaws. The song, co-written by Lee and her fiance (and drummer) Ettienne Bower, is fun, upbeat and danceable, the perfect tune to sing along to in the car with someone special. 

Grant Heiman | @grantheiman

HEARD ABOUT US // The Carters

If your relationship is not aspiring to embody the level of power that Beyoncé and Jay-Z radiate, then why even bother? Besides, few things are more romantic than producing an entire album together.

Sophia Belshe | @SophiaBelshe

Groceries // Mallrat

This song is, frankly, disgustingly cute and undeniably fun. Mallrat puts magic in the mundane, with an infectious beat and flirty, lighthearted vibe. It’s impossible not to smile when it comes on. 

Raeley Youngs | @raeleyy

Butterflies // Kacey Musgraves

“Butterflies” is a sweet and dreamy song featured on Musgraves’ "Golden Hour," which won Album of the Year at Sunday’s Grammys. The song is about meeting someone who turns your world upside down and gives you that fluttery feeling in your stomach. 

Courtney Bierman | @courtbierman

Love You So Bad // Ezra Furman

Furman’s 2018 album “Transangelic Exodus” follows the singer/songwriter as he takes a roadtrip with an angel, fleeing an oppressive government. This song is about unrequited love, but it’s perfect for the pro-relationship crowd. Furman loves love, even if his pining isn’t reciprocated.

Josh McQuade | @JoshMcQuadeUDK

Lucky // Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat

Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat blend their beautifully smooth voices together on this collaboration track. The person you love should simultaneously be your best friend, which “Lucky” displays well. The happy, plucky beat along with the heartfelt lyrics will put a smile on any couple’s faces.

Savanna Smith | @savsmith20

In My Life // The Beatles/Johnny Cash cover

While the original is my go-to, the gruff, late-in-life Johnny Cash cover sends chills down my spine. It gives a little hope that love can last. It’s slow tempo keeps you grounded in the acoustic tune. Be prepared to shed a few tears — happy ones.

Sarah Wright | @adrnired

Crush // Tessa Violet

The first lyric, "I can't focus on what needs to be done" perfectly encompasses how the infatuation of a crush can balloon to the point where you can only think about them. The style of this song is just as jumpy and ditzy as one is while thinking about a crush and the nerves they create.

For Lone Wolves:

Grace Menninger | @anarcho_seedism

Nobody // Mitski

Mitski is an absolute genius for creating a song about solitude, loneliness and having nobody, yet giving it a danceable beat perfect for jamming out and dancing alone in your room. Who would think that a song that starts with the lyric “My god, I’m so lonely” would be such a bop?

Wyatt Hall | @thewyatthall15

911/Mr. Lonely // Tyler, the Creator

On "Flower Boy," Tyler talks a lot about feeling lonely, but this song dives deep into it. He talks all about hiding his emptiness and trying to fill that void with materialistic things. In the end, all he wants is for someone to call. It’s a great song that anyone can connect to.

Sophia Belshe | @SophiaBelshe

Love Has All Been Done Before // Jade Bird

This is not a sappy breakup ballad, it is an infinitely more satisfying breakup anthem, done in the style of Alanis Morissette or Patti Smith, but with a modern edge. The perfect song for lamenting being single, but knowing you’re better off anyway. 

Courtney Bierman | @courtbierman

Bloody Mother F*cking Asshole // Martha Wainwright

I listened to this song on repeat when I was 20 and got my heart broken. Wainwright is furious as she sings about an ex-lover: "I will not pretend/I will not put on a smile/I will not say I’m all right for you." If you need a song to validate your post-breakup anger, this is it, chief.

Carlos Peterson | @CarlosWritesKU

Devil in a New Dress // Kanye West

Taking the different approach this year, longing and Kanye aren’t the typical combination. The instrumental and verses by both Kanye and Rick Ross make for a lit single Valentine’s Day.

Josh McQuade | @JoshMcQuadeUDK

Solo // Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean bares his soul in “Solo,” singing about how he feels alone in life. While the track seems to have a lighter mood to it, the lyrics are as deep as Ocean seems to feel by himself. It’s okay, Frank. I’m here for you.

Savanna Smith | @savsmith20

Sweet As Whole // Sara Bareilles 

Say "sweet as whole" five times fast. This song has a flirty hidden message and is the ultimate FU. Recently single or just mad at your S/O? This is your song. 

Sarah Wright | @adrnired

Baby // Clean Bandit (ft. MARINA & Luis Fonsi)

Most of us have missed an opportunity somewhere along the line with someone we've admired and then watched them fall for someone else. Marina illustrates this lamentation through that person's point of view, using a surprisingly upbeat and infectious tone and rhythm.