A graphic reads "UDK Horoscope"

Whether you are a believer in astrology or just like to read it for fun, this weekly column brings you advice based on the stars from the app Daily Horoscope. Here’s your Feb. 24 to March 1 weekly horoscope reading: 


As you trail through this week, keep in mind that adventure doesn’t have to mean travel alone. Exploring new ideas and getting to know someone that intrigues you are all part of an adventurous life.


This week, distance yourself from sources of negativity and meet new people. Whether single or taken, this week is for you to interact and let positivity take the wheel.


You have your priorities right, and building a strong financial foundation is on the top of your list. Take fresh advice from trusted perspectives and let the week determine your future.


Try to find the balance between carelessly wishing and making realistic decisions. The positive forces of the universe are supporting you, but do not let impulse disguise itself as ambition.


A new week brings new excitement for you. Remain focused and upbeat and remember these words during the week: accomplish, enjoy, accept.


Don’t be afraid to be assertive this week. Your judgement is to be trusted. You have been asked for advice before — now it is time to listen to it yourself.


Someone in your life has been working you hard lately. This pressure is not all negative, dear Libra, you have been performing at your highest. Stick with what you have, and the results will surely be to your liking.


Get to know yourself this week. There are good and bad vibrations surrounding you, and now is the time to dip your toes into the gray area and know how you are being influenced.


Big changes have been unfolding for you lately. You expect the best and you will achieve it, but not after experiencing hardship. There is light at the end of this week’s tunnel.


The time has come to mend a broken relationship. Do not be resentful. Rid yourself of hatred and open your ears. Do not doubt your intellect.


People of your sign need an area to be creative in. If your mind is motivated to create, find an inspiring space to let it roam free.