In the midst of enrollment for spring semester and with finals quickly approaching, KU students reflect on what they wish they knew at this time their freshman year. 

Karla Gonzalez | Senior | Kansas City, Kan.


“I wish I knew that class is optional, so you can skip, but you should not do it. Especially during the wintertime it is easy to skip because it is cold outside, but I should have gone to class."

Kenzie Payne | Junior | Emporia


Kenzie Payne poses for a photo in 2016 during her junior year at the University.

“I wish I knew that 8 a.m.s are the worst thing in the whole entire world.”

Gisel Germany (left) | Senior | Shawnee

Ky Andrea Shaw (right) | Senior | Decatur, Ala.


“I wish I knew what classes not to take at what time and with what professors,” Germany said.

“I wish I knew what professors not to take,” Shaw said.

Jenny Zhang | Senior | Overland Park


“I wish I knew to go out and try to make friends more. I also wish I knew that finals are a very large percentage of your grade. Also, I wish I did more volunteering."

Kevin Watson | Graduate student | Long Beach, Calif.


“I wish I knew how to study properly and how to write properly and how to use the University’s tools to assist you in those things."