A cooking show judge holds up a spatula with the numeral "10" on it

"Cooked with Cannabis," a successor of Netflix's original "Cooking on High" with Mod Sun, left, and Ngaio Bealum, right, is available to stream on Netflix Monday, April 20. 

This column is continuing to have less and less to talk about, but we’re going to finish out the year strong. This week we’re reaching for anything by talking about a cooking show involving cannabis, another cooking show involving Guy Fieri and a movie on HBO that is not at all about cooking. There’s also the NFL Draft, but let’s be honest here, only football fans probably care about that one. Let’s just jump right into it.

“Cooked with Cannabis”

In honor of the 4/20 holiday, Netflix is releasing its newest reality show titled “Cooked with Cannabis.” The show is a cooking competition in which the contestants have to cook a three-course meal involving different cannabis products. Don’t try anything seen in this show at home kids — it’s still very illegal in Kansas. “Cooked with Cannabis” is streaming now on Netflix everywhere.

“Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Takeout”

To be completely honest, I didn’t know Guy Fieri was still on TV doing his thing, but here we are. Since most of the restaurants around the country are closed in some way, fashion or form, he can’t exactly go around visiting food hotspots. Instead, he’s covering how some favorites around the country are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and feeding people in the process. It’s a wholesome show about people coming together over food, with a little extra pizzazz from the man himself, Guy Fieri. You can watch “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Takeout” when it premieres its first episode on the Food Network Friday, April 24.

“Bad Education”

Cory Finley, the director of 2018’s “Thoroughbreds” is back with his sophomore feature featuring Hugh Jackman, “Bad Education.” The movie follows a true story of a seemingly perfect Long Island superintendent (Jackman) who is discovered to be covering up an embezzlement scheme in his school district. The film originally premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival to high praise and the rights for distribution were bought by HBO. You can watch “Bad Education” when it releases on HBO’s streaming service this Saturday, April 25.