Three young women gather at a school lunch table and all stare at a person approaching them

"Never Have I Ever" releases to Netflix on Monday, April 27. 

Compared to past weeks, there is a ton of new content to watch this week. Whether you’re watching on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or plain old cable, we’ve got highlights from each of the big three streaming platforms, as well as a special reunion for the beloved comedy show “Parks and Recreation.” Let’s take a look at what you can watch this week.

“Never Have I Ever”

The talented Mindy Kaling is bringing a new coming-of-age story, “Never Have I Ever,” to Netflix this Monday. The story — loosely based on Kaling’s life if it took place in modern day — follows a first generation Indian-American girl traversing the hardships of high school. The show will be comedic in nature, giving us a fun escape from our present reality. It is a wholesome story of a girl navigating growing up surrounded by two distinct cultures: the one of her parents and the one of the country she was born in. You can watch “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix when it releases to the platform Monday, April 27.

“Normal People”

In a partnership with BBC, Hulu is bringing a new miniseries title “Normal People” to its platform. Created by Lenny Abrahamson (director of award-winning film “Room”), the show is an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Sally Rooney. It follows the relationship between two Irish teens as they go off to college away from home. You can watch this 12-episode miniseries when it releases on Hulu this Wednesday, April 29.

“A Parks and Recreation Special”

The cast of “Parks and Recreation” is back for a special one-off episode to raise money for Feeding America. The episode will consist of the characters of the show in modern day trying to connect to each other while remaining in the safety of quarantine. With “Parks and Recreation” being one of the more popular cable comedies of our time, you won’t want to miss this special event when it premieres on NBC this Thursday, April 30.


Speaking of “Parks and Recreation,” Amazon Prime’s newest show this week is written by one of the head writers from both “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office.” The show is called “Upload” and gives major “Black Mirror” vibes if it was a comedy rather than an existential drama. The story follows a futuristic society in which people who are close to dying can choose to upload themselves to a virtual afterlife. You can watch “Upload” when it releases to Amazon Prime this Friday, May 1.