Elizabeth McGovern stars as Cora Crawley, Harry Hadden-Paton as Bertie Pelham, Laura Carmichael as Edith Pelham, Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley and Michael Fox as Andy in "Downton Abbey."

There are quite a few big releases this week, including Rambo’s comeback, Downton Abbey on the big screen and a title searching for an Oscar, and that’s just the movies. 

“Rambo: Last Blood”

He’s back and ready for vengeance. Nearly four decades after the first, the legendary action hero played by Sylvester Stallone is headlining his final movie of the franchise. He has one last mission: bring his friend’s daughter home from being kidnapped by the Mexican cartel. He’ll have to dig up and face his past to get the job done, but knowing Rambo, he’ll find a way to do it. If you’re looking for an action-packed film full of violence, guns and explosives, “Rambo: Last Blood” is the one for you this week.

“Downton Abbey” 

On the complete opposite side of the genre spectrum from Rambo, “Downton Abbey” brings the worldwide TV phenomenon to the big screen. The story will follow the family and friends as they prepare for the biggest visit of their lives: the King and Queen of England. The movie will bring all the drama that fans of the show have grown to love, so get ready to see it in theaters this Friday, Sept. 20.

“Ad Astra” 

After his spectacular performance in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Brad Pitt is still as big as ever. He now takes his next role to the final frontier in his newest movie “Ad Astra.” The story follows Pitt’s character as he goes on a journey across the galaxy to find his long-lost father, a scientist whose work is threatening humanity. The film will bring a similar vibe to other award-nominated space odysseys in the last few years, such as “First Man,” “Gravity” and “Interstellar.” If you liked any of those movies, definitely give “Ad Astra” a look when it hits theaters Friday, Sept. 20.

“American Horror Story: 1984” 

You might have seen the countless advertisements for AHS, but if you haven’t, it’s back for its newest season titled “1984.” No, this isn’t like the classic book with the same name, this season will actually be more familiar to fans of “Friday the 13th.” Not much is known about the actual plot line, but we know is that it’ll be a slasher-themed season taking place at a summer camp called “Camp Redwood” in the '80s. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.