BoJack Horseman looks into a mirror

Season 6 of "BoJack Horseman" premieres on Netflix on Friday, Jan. 31.

With almost no actual movie releases this week, it will be streaming and TV-heavy, but there are still releases nonetheless. We’ve got a documentary of one of the most popular figures in music, the last half of the final season of a show, and the biggest sporting event of the year.

“Taylor Swift: Miss Americana”

A career filled with hits and publicity, Taylor Swift is a figure most people should know by now. Netflix decided it wants you to know the real T-Swift and what led her to where she is today. A documentary that will likely have a conversation surrounding it, “Miss Americana” will cover her winding journey to stardom and political advocacy. You can watch it when it releases to Netflix on Friday, Jan. 31.

“BoJack Horseman” 

One of the highest reviewed animated shows of all time, Netflix has another big release in store for this week. After releasing the first half of the final season back in 2019 and leaving it on a cliffhanger, we’ll finally get a conclusion to the story of our depressed alcoholic horse protagonist. Based on the direction that the story is headed, I wouldn’t be expecting a happy ending — we’ll likely get something bittersweet at best. I guess we’ll find out when it drops on Netflix Friday, Jan. 31.

Super Bowl 2020

Of course as we’ve all heard, the Kansas City Chiefs are in their first Super Bowl in 50 years. If you were looking for something to spend your Sunday night watching, tune into Kansas City history being made. Even if you aren’t a local, the atmosphere in KC is going to be incredible, and if they come out with a win, the excitement is going to be incomparable. All I’m saying is my final watch recommendation is to at least pay attention to what’s going on down in Miami, as it will have a real effect here. The Super Bowl kicks off at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 2.

—Edited by Page Cramer