Lion King

"The Lion King" will hit theaters the night of July 18.

This week in movie releases is extremely light, with only one blockbuster release in the new remake of "The Lion King." Early opinions of the new Disney "live-action” film have been mixed, so let’s get into it.

The Lion King

The story in the new live-action, and by live-action they mean CGI, "Lion King" is almost identical to the original. It follows a young Simba who idolizes his father, but is encountered with a tough situation created by his uncle, Scar. The new remake has all the ingredients for a successful new take on the classic except for one thing: the magic of animation. The cast is absolutely stacked, the budget is high and overall it should be a solid movie. You just can’t touch what the original Lion King did while also making the animals look realistic. This is shown in the critical feedback, saying the movie is okay but there’s just no reason for it to exist in the first place. "The Lion King" will be extremely successful regardless, just don’t expect the experience in theaters to be anything memorable.

The Art of Self Defense

A smaller, but still wide-release, movie coming out this week is "The Art of Self-Defense." An absurdist dark comedy featuring Jesse Eisenberg, the film follows an extremely anxious man who takes up karate under a strange sensei after a brutal mugging. He finds a newfound confidence in himself until he starts attending the night classes, which introduce him to a whole new world of strange happenings. The vibe is rather hard to explain, so all I can really recommend is to watch the trailer for yourself. With reviews saying it does a great job at satirizing toxic masculinity, this one should be a good watch for anybody looking for a good laugh.