Childs Play

Child's Play stars Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill and Gabriel Bateman and hits theatres June 21.

This week is a big week for toys, both alive and (sometimes) killer. Two big franchises are back, "Chucky" and "Toy Story," and fans of both should be ready for some fun at the theaters this weekend as they watch their favorite characters return to the big screen.


The lesser known of the three movies releasing this week, “Anna” follows the story of a woman named Anna who is on a quest to be one of the world’s best government assassins. It’s an action-packed adventure that some might consider to be an attempt at a female version of the John Wick movies, appealing to fans purely off the choreographed fights.

While the trailers show brawls that look brutal but fun, early reviews are saying it’s not enough to make up for unorganized and underwhelming writing. If you’re looking for some more action to get your adrenaline going, “Anna” is the movie to watch this weekend. Otherwise, it might be best to just skip it.

Child’s Play

It's a reboot with lots of buzz, both good and bad. Many fans are excited to see Chucky back on the big screen, but there’s been some controversy surrounding things backstage. The new direction of the reboot has upset some people including the creator of the “Child’s Play” franchise and one of the original producers of the films, who reportedly asked for their names to be left out of the credits. Regardless, the movie goes on to be released this weekend and all eyes are on whether Chucky’s robotic counterpart will live up to the name.

Starring big names such as Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree Henry and Mark Hamill voicing the doll himself, the movie follows a boy named Andy (Gabriel Bateman) whose new robotic doll grows obsessed with being his best friend and takes on a sinister life of its own. It’ll surely bring a good scare to get horror fans by until the real summer spook from “Midsommar” in a couple weeks.

Toy Story 4

After seemingly ending the trilogy with “Toy Story 3,” Pixar is back with another adventure from our favorite group of talking toys. In the series’ first full film with the gang’s new owner Bonnie, they set out on a road trip with a new “toy” named Forky. Along the way, Woody (Tom Hanks) reunites with old friend Bo Peep (Annie Potts) who has changed since they were last together. The cast is as big as ever, introducing new names such as Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele and Keanu Reeves to the already loaded list of talent.

Despite early hesitation about continuing the saga after such a good conclusion, early reviews are praising it as one of the best of the series. Be prepared; apparently this one is just as emotional as the last. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll remember why you loved Toy Story in the first place.