Advice from a happy couple

Feeling bad about your boo? No worries! Chalk's "Advice from a happy couple" column shows you how to keep that flame roaring.

University of Kansas’ Sydney Hall, junior, and Ryan Sieben, senior, have a nontraditional love story, but nonetheless, it is a story that will keep them laughing for years down the road.

“We met when I was 15.” Hall says. Hall’s family owned a pizza shop and Ryan began working there his freshman year of high school. “I was after the boss’s daughter,” Sieben says.

Although the two connected, the timing just wasn’t right. “He was my first kiss, and after that, I didn’t hear from him again until three years later I posted a ‘like for a to be honest’ on twitter and he liked the tweet.” Hall says. The two have been inseparable ever since. 

Hall’s advice is to be friends first. “We were getting to know each other for five months before we started dating, so we were able to really get through the awkward parts of dating as friends.” she says. 

Hall and Sieben agree there is no one universal piece of advice to give someone about dating. “Everyone is different and everyone has what works for them.” Sieben says. “The important thing is to not compare one relationship to your own.”

The moral of the story is relationships take time. The boss’ daughter is never out of reach, and there’s nothing like a Twitter DM to rekindle an extinguished flame.