CHALK insta follows

Let’s face it. That girl you follow on Instagram does not actually look like that.

In recent years the platform has become a breeding ground for perfectly tan and beautiful Kardashian-wannabe-influencers. In 2018, Instagram had 3.7 million sponsored posts from users selling perfect lifestyles, according to And unless you are one of these mythical people with perfect teeth, perfect clothes and a perfect life, chances are you might be feeling some negative vibes from the platform.

Before you go on a social media cleanse (like I did) try filling your feed with some more realistic and wholesome posts from the users below.

Mari Andrew @bymariandrew

Andrew, a poet, artist, and author, is known for her poignant and empathetic doodles she frequently posts on Instagram.


Celebrity Faces @celebfaces

Yes, we admit, following an account that mostly posts up-close shots of celebrity faces is a bit odd, but hear us out: Celeb Faces is well known for letting its followers see the imperfections of the ever-perfect celebrities we follow. Nothing like a nice zoomed-in shot of Ariana Grande’s bumpy chin to bring us back to reality.

Celeste Barber @celestebarber

And while we’re on the subject of reality, Celeste Barber is perhaps the most iconic Queen of Real. The Australian mom first got popular for her parodies of iconic Kardashian photos, and now uses her following to show how absurd celebrity fashion and photos look on your average person.

Jessamyn Stanley @mynameismynameisjessamyn

Stanley is a body-positivity advocate and seasoned yogi who focuses more on how you feel than how you look. Her feed is full of feel-good inspiration and yoga tutorials.

Bryan the Girl @bryanthegirl

Bryan, an artist from New Haven, Connecticut, not only shares pieces of her detailed, life-like drawings, but is also an avid supporter of mental health and hosts several podcasts with fellow artists. You can also pick up some quick tips from Bryan, who often posts little guides on sketching skills.

Bon and Pon @bonpon511

This Japanese couple has been married 39 years and like to match their outfits. It’s about as wholesome as Instagram can get, folks.

Chalk Magazine @chalkmag

Yes, this is a shameless plug for our own social media account. But what’s better than having your favorite student publication filling your feed with good stories?