CHALK got long night

Welcome to Chalk’s ridiculously myopic coverage of Game of Thrones’ final season: the Sansa Stark Variety Hour. A conversation between Chalk editor Rebekah Lodos and Kansan associate arts and culture editor Courtney Bierman. Up every week.

Courtney Bierman: Thank God. Sansa survived the Battle of Winterfell. It was pretty much a given, but it’s still a relief. Three days later and I’m still processing it.

Obviously, she wasn’t the star of last night’s episode. That honor goes to her sister. But she provided one of the most touching moments of the episode: that moment with Tyrion in the crypt? When they held hands? And he kissed her knuckles? Loved. It. Remember that they’re technically still married (they were forced to back in season three). I personally don’t want them to end up together. I think Sansa sees him more as a platonic protective figure than a potential romantic partner. Rebekah, what do you think?

Rebekah Lodos: I agree! Tyrion kissing Sansa’s hand was one of the most touching moments for me. And yes, she was on the periphery of the episode, but do you know who wasn’t? Theon Greyjoy. And Sansa was instrumental in the development of Theon’s character. In season five, she confronted him with the truth of who he was, even when he was broken to the point of believing he was actually nothing but Ramsay’s slave, Reek. They suffered under Ramsay together. They escaped together. Saving Sansa from the Boltons was Theon’s first step in his redemption arc.

That’s why when we hear that gut-wrenching line from Bran — “Theon, you’re a good man” — we can't forget that Sansa had a lot to do with it.

Courtney: It also speaks to Sansa’s character that she came to trust Theon again. I think she’s picked up some of Daenerys’ slack when it comes to compassion. Their relationship (can we call it a friendship?) ranks among the most emotionally fulfilling of the show. Part of me resents the fact that Sansa is so frequently used as a step on the pathway to redemption, but I really enjoy seeing those arcs play out.

Rebekah: Yes. It gets right in the face of watchers who insist Sansa is too cold.