Eyebrow Threading

A traditional method for eyebrow clean-up used in parts of Asia has been trending in the United States: Threading.

It used to be the smile or eye color. Now, it’s all about eyebrows. The obsession with eyebrows has spilled over into a trend of finding new ways to perfect the shape. Women in America prefer waxing over any other method for a brow clean-up, but there’s another trending method Asia has used for centuries — threading.

Here’s what this and that can do for you:


When most girls horrifyingly discover their unibrow in middle school, their mom will most often take them to the salon to wax it off. It’s slightly less intimidating because the concept is simple. You put the wax on, then rip it off. It removes several hairs at once and is often over in 5 to 10 minutes.

Waxing can often miss those little stubborn hairs that are hard to pull out because the wax didn't mold to the hair well enough. The easy solution to this is tweezing, but that can be painful on post-wax tender skin. Waxing may cause breakouts if your skin is sensitive to the wax or the oil most cosmetologists use to soothe skin after waxing. 

Soft or hard wax varies in price from $10-$15 in Lawrence salons. 


Threading can be more intimidating if you’ve never done it before. It’s the process of rolling thread over the hairs to rip out each hair follicle out of it’s pore.

Lawrence cosmetologist and salon owner Shannon Horting says threading probably isn’t for people with sensitive skin and a lower pain tolerance. Not only does it take longer, but it is more painful.

"The skin is left a little pink after," Horting says.

For those who are willing to endure the pain, threading is worth it. People tend to love the preciseness and shape of their eyebrows because of how close a thread can get, compared to wax. 

Majority of salons don’t offer threading as a service, so you can’t book it after your regular hair appointment. Threading is offered in brow bars and places that offer services specifically for eyebrows. This way, you know the cosmetologists specialize in threading for your unique eyebrows.

Threading also varies in price from $10-$15 in Lawrence.