A breath of fresh air and a chapter of unknown: these are unique sentiments three University students are feeling as President-elect Donald Trump begins his term as President of the United States.

“[He’s] a breath of fresh air,” said Garrett Miller, a junior from Chanute.

Nick Binetti, a senior from St. Charles, Illinois, will be celebrating his 22nd birthday on Inauguration Day, but is a little disheartened with President-elect Trump taking on the presidency.

“We have no idea what we are actually in for,” Binetti said.

On Inauguration Day, Miller will be attending the event in person in Washington, D.C. Miller said he is “disappointed that some Democrats are not going to the inauguration.”

Michael O’Brien, a senior from Lenexa, will be attending a protest in Kansas City, Missouri, boycotting President-elect Trump and his inauguration.

“Donald Trump, I think, he is a very dangerous man,” O’Brien said.

Miller, who worked with Trump’s campaign during the election, said he wants the American public to “give Trump a chance.”

“I think we will see what happens after the first 100 days,” Miller said.

Looking into the future of Trump’s term, Miller said he hopes that Trump works on student aid relief, jobs and security.

Binetti, a marketing and supply chain management major, said he is concerned about how Trump works within international relations, considering Trump has no previous experience with that.

O’Brien said he is nervous for much of the next four years.  

“We’ve got four years ahead of us,” O’Brien said. “I am just very, very scared between now and the next election in 2020.”

Just as Trump’s presidency begins with the inauguration later this week, President Barack Obama’s second term will come to an end.

“As a person, I respect President Barack Obama,” Miller said. “I thought he was a great person. He seemed to be an outgoing president. He was a pop culture icon for the last eight years.”

For most students at the University, Obama’s presidency has been significant part of their lives, anywhere from a fourth to a third of their lives.

“My entire adult life and the years leading up to it have had Barack Obama as President of the United States, and I am grateful for that,” Binetti said.