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Coach Bill Self stares into the crowd on Nov. 18. Self addressed the media about the McCarthy Hall rape investigation on Thursday.

Kansas coach Bill Self discussed the McCarthy Hall rape investigation with the media on Thursday, saying that the team is cooperating with campus police, but the coaching staff is not taking action at this time. 

The police report regarding the incident from the University’s Office of Public Safety lists Frank Mason III, Mitch Lightfoot, Lagerald Vick, Tucker Vang and Josh Jackson among the witnesses.

None of the players have been placed under suspension.

"I know positively that ... we've been given zero information that would warrant suspensions or anything like that that's connected to our players at this point in time," Self said. "That's what I know, and I certainly will act on it if any information is given to us in the future that would warrant such action."

Self said KU Athletics has met the demands of the investigation thus far and that they have been aware of the investigation since the day the report of alleged rape a 16-year-old girl in McCarthy Hall was filed. The incident allegedly took place sometime between 10 p.m. Dec. 17 and 5 a.m. Dec. 18. 

"You have to let the investigation play out," Self said. "That's what's most important, and the detectives need to do their job, and certainly we've got to give them space to do it."

When asked about the possibility of holding information back since the alleged rape was reported over a month ago, Self said that no one is withholding information.

"Nobody is holding information," Self said. "... If [someone] want[s] to discuss how it's being handled, go to the [KU Police], OK. That's not our responsibility to report everything that the [KU Police] does, and it's not their responsibility — I don't think — to report it, because they have certain things that they have to do to certainly follow their protocol. So no, nobody is hiding behind this at all, and I kind of resent the fact that [anyone] would even hint at that."

Self couldn't speak to the information that the players are giving as witnesses nor was given an indication of when the investigation might be completed.

Since the investigation is taking place in the middle of the season, Self said it is a 'major distraction.'

"It's not a distraction, it's a major distraction," Self said. "... More importantly, there's an obviously very serious alleged allegation that has been made. So that trumps figuring out how to guard [Malik] Monk or [De'Aaron] Fox, to be real candid with you."

— Edited by Ashley Hocking