Andrew Moore looks at his laptop while Furqan Mohammed sits next to him and holds his chin while laughing

Student Senate Finance Chair Andrew Moore, left, and Student Senate Treasurer Furqan Mohammed, right, talk during the Free Staters coalition meeting Sunday, Feb. 23.

The Student Senate Elections Commission will hear a self-reported elections code violation complaint filed against the Free Staters coalition in a Zoom call March 26 at 6 p.m.

According to the complaint, the coalition was unable to acquire 500 physical student signatures by the deadline of March 23 due to the coronavirus outbreak and was also unable to schedule a cultural competency training for presidential candidate Apramay Mishra and vice presidential candidate Grant Daily. 

“In light of the recommendations of the CDC, Gov. Kelly and the University Administration who have attempted to limit the on-campus presence of students and requested that people adhere to social distancing, we are self reporting and would like guidance on how to proceed,” according to the complaint. 

Finance Chair and member of the coalition Andrew Moore filed the complaint. Moore said he chose to file the complaint with other coalition members in an effort to be transparent with the student body and the commission. 

“We’re a coalition running to represent students, and so there’s no way we can really do that if we don’t actively communicate with students, and there’s no way for us to be good representatives if we aren’t being honest with them,” Moore said.

The hearing will include opening and closing statements from Moore, the complainant, and Free Staters’ Election Liaison Max Lillich, the defendant, said Elections Commission Chair Wyatt Risovi-Hendrickson. The decision will be made in a closed session and released afterward. 

The hearing will be a public meeting, Risovi-Hendrickson said. Links to the call will be posted on the commission’s social media. 

“We’ll make sure everyone gets connected who’s either a plaintiff or respondent, and then we’ll move forward from there,” Risovi-Hendrickson said. 

Risovi-Hendrickson said the hearing will progress the same as any normal complaint hearing in any election year would. 

—Edited by Elise Lindemann