Deputy Chief James Anguiano confirmed to the Kansan Tuesday that a loaded .38-caliber revolver was found unattended in a fourth floor men's restroom in Wescoe Hall and that the gun was stolen from Olathe, Kan.

Officers retrieved the weapon just after 11 a.m., Anguiano said, and the Olathe Police Department has been notified.

University junior Austin Wilson said he found the gun sitting on a toilet at about 11:03 a.m.

"At first I didn't know if it was a real gun or a toy. I picked it up and looked at it, and I saw it was partially loaded. Probably three of the chambers were full," he said. "It wasn't completely loaded, but there were bullets in the gun."

Wilson immediately called 911 and dispatchers instructed him to wait outside the bathroom until police arrived. According to Wilson, there was another individual standing outside the bathroom, who he later identified as a professor also waiting for police.

The police arrived five to six to minutes later, Wilson said, and escorted him to class after taking down his information.

Another student, who requested anonymity, told the Kansan he reported seeing the gun to his graduate teaching assistant before class began.

“It took me a second to really realize that’s what it was,” he said. "[Guns are normally] out of sight out of mind. It is much more scary to have it presented to you in your face.”

Teaching assistant Kate Nygren said she called 911 immediately, but is not sure what happened afterwards since she had to start class.

“I called the number that I have most immediate to me,” she said. “I think that what this indicates is that we maybe are having an issue with a degree of education about how to conceal and carry, how to report incidents relating to the reality of guns on campus and that may be something that the school needs to take very seriously."

Student Body Vice President Mattie Carter tweeted a response to the Kansan's reports of the gun being left unattended.

"Can't imagine how it must have felt to find this weapon. Disappointed to see this policy violation. If you see a weapon, please call 911," the tweet read.

An update on who left the gun unattended was not immediately available Tuesday. Requests for comment from the Office of Public Affairs and News and Media Relations have gone unanswered as of 6 p.m. Tuesday.