UPDATE: Testing on a Westar substation that serves campus triggered a shut down and ultimately caused the power outage in nearly 15 buildings on campus for about an hour today. Media relations manager for Westar Energy Gina Penzig said the substation experienced an outage lasting about three minutes during the testing by Westar. This caused the University's system to shutdown to protect the power grid from damage, Penzig said.

Power was restored to all buildings around 12:30 p.m. after nearly an hour of being down. Around 11:20 a.m., 15 buildings on campus lost power and some subsequently lost wifi. KU IT said if Wi-Fi is up around campus, it’s because routers are connected to different power sources than those that are down at the time.

During the outage, a back-up generator in Snow Hall began to smoke, prompting all individuals to evacuate the building. Firefighters inspected the building upon arrival, and people were allowed back into the building around 12:15 p.m.

Director of public affairs for Memorial Unions Mike Reid said he believes dining facilities didn't have any food loss during the outage. He estimates the dining facilities and other union retailers lost thousands in profit. Wescoe's Underground, Union dining facilities and Union retailers closed during the outage.

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Power Outage Map

Buildings without power include:

  • Fraser
  • Dole
  • Kansas Union
  • Wescoe
  • Haworth
  • Strong
  • Stauffer-Flint
  • Spencer
  • Blake
  • Ambler Student Recreation Center
  • Robinson
  • JRP

Buildings without Wi-Fi include:

  • Fraser
  • Wescoe
  • Watkins Health Center
  • Haworth