Student Senate will proceed with impeachment following the formation of a committee on Monday. 

Student Senate is moving forward with impeaching Senate Chief of Staff Daniel Lee following an allegation that he violated the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities.

Student Body Vice President Charles Jetty announced in an email Monday morning that he’d received legislation with an appropriate amount of signatures to begin impeachment proceedings.

In accordance with Senate protocol, Jetty will be forming a committee consisting of the chairs of the Student Senate standing committees as well as five senators randomly selected through a lottery, which will take place Monday at 5 p.m. in the Curry Room of the Kansas Union.

This committee will be responsible for creating a report on the situation. After the committee is formed, they are allowed to immediately proceed with their investigation, as required by the rules.

“It is important to familiarize yourselves with the procedural rules that will govern this process,” Jetty said in an email to student senators.

Jetty is also required to inform Lee within two days of receiving the legislation. Lee is expected to attend the impeachment proceedings and provide his own defense. Per Senate protocol, senators cannot debate with Lee following his own speech.

Senators will then vote via a secret ballot on whether to continue with impeachment proceedings. A simple majority, or 51 percent of the Senate body, is required to move forward. If it does, Jetty is required to call a special session within five to 10 days. It is unclear whether senators will commence voting in full senate on Wednesday.

Last week, the Kansan reported that the Senate was investigating Lee for a violation related to sexual misconduct. Noah Ries, student body president, declined to confirm or deny that the violation was related to sexual misconduct but offered the following statement.

“Student Senate takes allegations of sexual misconduct very seriously,” said Ries, a senior from Leawood. “We want to ensure privacy is respected for any victim, and because of that, we want to make sure that any public statement we make is done after assessing the entire situation and collecting information. We want to be as transparent as possible throughout this process, but at the same time, we can’t report on unconfirmed information.”

This is the most recent call for impeachment since the Student Executive Committee requested the resignation of then-Senate President Jessie Pringle, then-Vice President Zach George and then-Chief of Staff Adam Moon nearly three years ago. At the time, Student Senate did not vote to move forward with the impeachment process.