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Daniel Lee listens during a Student Senate meeting earlier this year. Daniel Lee, the current president of the Interfraternity Council, is under fire for his decision to freeze all activity in all 24 IFC fraternities.

What was originally expected to be a General Assembly meeting of the University’s Interfraternity Council was turned into an invitation-only affair to determine the future of IFC on Tuesday — the day after current IFC president, Daniel Lee of Alpha Tau Omega, announced a freeze on all 24 IFC fraternities.

“There actually has been a special assembly called, private meetings called in the past, and it’s to protect the body of the organization because you are a public organization,” said Amy Long, the associate director of fraternity/sorority life in the University’s Student Involvement and Leadership Center.

She said this to fraternity members not on the invitation list for the meeting that they could be given trespassing violations if they tried to enter the Jayhawk room in the Kansas Union, where the meeting was being held.

This also comes after four IFC fraternities faced possible suspension either by their national organizations or the University for hazing allegations.

The invited fraternity members, almost all presidents of their respective chapters, voted in an interim president of IFC and other interim executive roles while the remaining IFC executive board members undergo a Judicial Review, according to fraternity members who attended the meeting.

These are the first steps to recall Lee and the other remaining members, but definitive action couldn’t be taken against them tonight, since IFC members will have to vote on the next steps of the recall in the next General Assembly meeting, the date for which was not shared.

These interim roles are held by a special Ad Hoc committee which included Keegun Gose, the chapter president of Phi Gamma Delta, elected as an interim president; Logan Albers, the chapter president of Pi Kappa Alpha, as elected as vice president; and Connor Hampton, the chapter president of Pi Kappa Alpha, voted as the director of recruitment.

All of the other positions will remain open until after a decision regarding the original executive members is made.

Some fraternity members and their associates said they are angry that the decision to freeze social activities came without a two-thirds vote by IFC General Assembly.

“My biggest concern is that three people voted to approve a policy affecting all 24 fraternities,” said Dave Steen of the Kansas Fraternity Landlords League in an email to the Kansan. “An effective policy and its implementation in a diverse organization requires support which seems highly unlikely when a three-person group decides for all.”

Gose said after the meeting that the freeze was still in effect, but wouldn’t comment on the removal process.

"The IFC General Assembly is committed to solving the problems facing our community together," Gose said in an email after the meeting. "Collaboration will continue throughout this week."

Lara Korte contributed to this report.

The University's Interfraternity Council announced Monday that all social activities would be suspended at the fraternities it oversees while it forms a plan to move forward.