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In an email to University of Kansas students, staff and faculty, Interim Provost Carl Lejuez announced plans to create a vice provost position for the Office of Graduate Studies. 

Interim Provost Carl Lejuez announced a plan to improve graduate education at the University of Kansas in an email sent to faculty, staff and students Tuesday afternoon.

The plan, which Lejuez said has been revised by deans and senior leadership at the University, was created based on feedback received from the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee. The committee was formed last spring to help Lejuez and Chancellor Douglas Girod plan the future of the Office of Graduate Studies.

"I sincerely appreciate their dedication to their charge and the effort and thoroughness with which they completed their goals," Lejuez said in the email. "The report the committee generated gave Chancellor Girod and me great content and context as we considered our next steps."

The biggest change the plan develops is the creation of a vice provost for graduate studies, Lejuez said. Currently, the Office of Graduate Studies has a dean, but Lejuez said he hopes this change will allow graduate studies to be more centralized within the provost's office.

The vice provost position has yet to be appointed. Currently, the interim dean of graduate studies position is held by Audrey Lamb.

"Graduate education is rarely a one-size-fits-all experience. Its strength, especially at an AAU research institution, is the highly individualized course that each student can choose to pursue," Lejuez said. "What I like about this reorganization plan is that it recognizes the different styles and paths of graduate education across KU and it respects and enhances the highly decentralized approach KU has toward graduate program administration."