gun sign

Signs around campus have been changed in preparation of concealed carry going into effect on July 1. 

UPDATE 7/3: The University said they mistakenly put up an earlier draft of these procedures in June, which was replaced by the final version before campus carry took effect. The new procedures say that training is optional and that Watkins and the Yoder campus will not get adequate security measures.

With days left to go until concealed carry begins to be allowed on the University’s campus, the University has released a few more details about the implementation of this policy.

Last Thursday, the University posted a policy online that gives the implementation procedures for concealed carry at the Lawrence campus. According to the notes on the procedures, they were posted in conjunction with the University’s official weapons policy.

On Saturday, July 1, anyone over the age of 21 will be allowed to carry a concealed weapon on the University’s campus and in any buildings, unless they are equipped with adequate security measures. This change is the result of a 2013 state law, which the University has been exempted from for four years.

The implementation procedures give more details to the University’s plans regarding adequate security measures, training and communication.

Not only will large athletic events be given a permanent exemption to weapons, but so will the entire Law Enforcement Training Center that the University operates in Yoder.

Under the law, both of these will require adequate security measures, which include metal detectors and security guards. KU Athletics has previously announced plans to purchase this equipment, but the Yoder campus has not.

Watkins Health Center will not be fully exempt from concealed carry, but weapons will not be allowed to be carried during treatment or procedures.

The procedures also say that individuals or groups holding an event on the Lawrence campus can request adequate security measures through an application. There are specific guidelines on who can fill out the applications, what they must include, etc.

On Wednesday, the Kansas Board of Regents voted to take out a provision of the University’s concealed carry policy that would have required gun carriers to keep bags containing their weapons in their possession at all times.

In the training portion of the policy, it states that “all faculty, staff, and students are required to receive training concerning the University-Wide Weapons Policy and these Procedures.”

Though the University has previously held information sessions on campus carry and the change is a topic of discussion at freshman orientation, the University has previously not announced any plans for any sort of mandatory, all-student training.

The communications portion of the procedures state that “The University shall widely distribute the University-Wide Weapons Policy and these Procedures to its faculty, staff, and students and shall prominently publish the University-Wide Weapons Policy and Procedures in the University’s Policy Library and on a webpage dedicated to the carrying of concealed handguns on University campus premises.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, five days after the procedures were posted, a link to the procedures had not been added to the University’s concealed carry information site.

The Kansan had previously requested access to further details on the implementation of concealed carry on the Lawrence campus and had been denied. Spokespeople from the University’s Public Affairs Office were not available Tuesday afternoon to comment on whether or not these procedures were related to that request.