writing center

Annie Trinh is a writing consultant at the University of Kansas's writing center.

The University of Kansas Writing Center encourages students to come in for help as the second half of the semester winds down. 

Brianna Hyslop, associate director of the Writing Center, said even if students haven’t come in yet this year, it’s not too late. 

Hyslop said she thinks students should use the free service, and they should schedule their appointments online as soon as possible because the center gets busier as finals week gets closer. 

“We have final high stakes projects coming up for students. I always like to recommend that students be thinking ahead,” Hyslop said.

Students can go to the center at any time in the semester, and although it’s tempting to come in only when they’re pressed to find resources, Hyslop said they can never get enough practice. 

For Annie Trinh, a second-year graduate student and writing consultant at the University, becoming a polished writer is a process. 

Trinh said students won’t become perfect writers overnight, but in time they can work to increase their writing skills. 

“They’re always revising and critically thinking. I see a vast improvement throughout the semester,” Trinh said about the students who come into the writing center. 

She said she has been at the Writing Center for three semesters during her time as an undergraduate and graduate student. 

Working on personal statements is one of the main things Trinh said she has focused on this semester, and she said she has a lot of experience with writing them because she is a graduate student. 

Trinh also said part of her job as a writing consultant involves helping with academic research. Students can find researching a topic time-consuming, so her ability to navigate the University’s library database makes it easier for students who are on a time crunch. 

Trinh said as a former science major, she understands why students could shy away from seeking advice if they’re not confident in their abilities.

However, the experience she gained through past semesters showed her that students can show improvement as the school year goes along, Trinh said. As she has helped with those improvements, she said she has found a sense of fulfillment. 

“I feel like I’m making small impacts, but they usually add up. I enjoy it a lot when I see students come back and say ‘Oh yeah, I did well on a paper. Thank you so much,’” she said. 

Hyslop said the Writing Center will extend its hours later on in the semester. 

During the last week of classes on Dec. 9 and 10, the center will have an event called Late Night at the Roost, where it will be open until 10 p.m. instead of 8 p.m.