The University of Kansas' School of Education will become the School of Education and Human Sciences in fall 2020. Along with teaching programs, the school houses the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences.

In fall 2020, the University of Kansas' School of Education will change its name and become the School of Education and Human Sciences. The name change is intended to better portray and celebrate the diverse programs offered by the school.

The School of Education does not only house students interested in curriculum and teaching. It also includes the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences, which offers majors such as sport management, exercise science and community health.

Our current name, School of Education, does not capture the broad range of academic programs that we house nor the scholarly research that our faculty produce,” said Rick Ginsberg, dean of the School of Education, in a University press release.

According to Jordan Bass, the sport management program director, the name change will also clear up misconceptions about the programs in the School of Education.

There are numerous programs in the [School of Education] that are outside of the education fields,” Bass said. I think this name change will help better capture the wide range of programs offered in the school. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences programs, and this name change will help students and faculty be better represented in the name of the school.”

Morgan Crouch, a sophomore sport management major from Olathe, also appreciates the representation that the name change offers.

“Sport management and exercise science are essentially outlier majors in this school, since you might not consider sports or exercise science to have elements of teaching within them,” Crouch said. “I like how KU is officially incorporating the human sciences aspect in the name to represent both sport management and exercise science.”

Though many agree that the name change is a necessary update to the School of Education, there was some initial confusion about the addition of human sciences to the name.

Megan Mathews, a senior from St. Louis studying education, said some could think of human sciences as biology and anatomy classes. However, Crouch believes that the addition works well to represent sport management.

“Sport management ties into human sciences, as students in this specific program study the physical, social and psychological aspects of athletics at the amateur, collegiate and professional level,” Crouch said.

Ultimately, Mathews agrees that the name change will be a step in the right direction for the school.

There are a lot more programs and majors that fall within the School of Ed., and I realized that they should be recognized just as much as the education programs,” Mathews said. These students work hard to be in the School of Ed., so they should have the same recognition that students in education programs have.”