Student Body President Noah Ries goes over his officer report during a December Senate meeting.

Student Senate, along with KU IT and the Provost’s office, developed a centralized reporting page for students to report problems quickly and efficiently. The page is called "Report It," and it compiles reporting pages for issues students may face on campus all on one site.

Student Body President Noah Ries said he heard from students that there is a need to access certain reporting forms and resources more quickly. To solve this problem, the Senate had the idea to create "Report It," which it modeled off of a similar page from Baylor University.

The page has resources for students wishing to report issues regarding a variety of topics. Students can quickly access the page to report incidents ranging from slow wifi to sexual assault.

“We have a flood of information on our campus,” Ries said. “There’s a lot out there for students, and navigating it can be difficult.”

The site is in its early stages with only 16 resources on the page. However, with further development and future suggestions from users, it will hopefully grow to have a link to practically every resource on campus.

The page is set up so students can type a term, such as “faucet”, “wifi," or “lightbulb” in the search bar and it will automatically take them to a link that will bring them to the appropriate page to report their issue.

Instead of sending students straight to a reporting form from the "Report It" page, the links will take them first to the department’s homepage. When developing the page, Senate and KU IT made the decision to link the department's homepage in order to highlight the other resources they have to offer.

Students won't have to ask, or for that matter keep track of, which office is responsible for which concern. They can visit the site, scroll through the options or type in a keyword, and instantly be pointed in the right direction,” said Jill Hummels, communications manager for the Office of the Provost, who provided feedback on the site’s construction throughout the development process.

“'Report It' can be a powerful tool for helping campus be its best,” Hummels said.

In what Ries referred to as phase one for "Report It," KU IT will gather data on what people are searching the most and the least and why, and they will update the page accordingly. If students search a keyword and no link comes up, a link for KU Info will be provided where students will be able to ask specific questions in the KU Info database.

If a student is in need of immediate help or attention and no resource is available on the website, the provost’s email is provided as well for questions or problems that need to be reported immediately.

“No one should ever leave this page not finding what they’re looking for,” Ries said.

Another feature of the website is a suggestion page where students, faculty or staff who want a resource added can fill out a form that explains what should be added and why. The form also allows people to update existing entities if they catch a mistake or it’s missing certain information.

In the first phase of "Report It," the page will only be available to the University’s Lawrence campus. However, in the future, it may extend to KU Medical Center or the Edwards campus.

Ries anticipates phase two to begin in the early 2019-2020 school year. Changes may include reordering links due to the popularity and adding new keywords for searches.

“One of the things we have been trying to focus on is how can we get what you need to you, that’s already available, in a more accessible way?” Ries said.

While Ries thinks "Report It" will have a slow start, he hopes that the resource will hopefully grow into something that students automatically know they can turn to if they need resources.